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What's the spec for emacs lisp virtual machine ?

From: Fren Zeee
Subject: What's the spec for emacs lisp virtual machine ?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 23:15:17 -0700

What's the spec for emacs lisp virtual machine ?

Where are the complete set of virtual machine commands ?

Where is the theory for such a virtual machine in the clearest
description ? (not general theory, but one applicable directly to
understanding emacs vm.)

Does the emacs lisp operate as a stack push/pop or as parsing ?

Why is a VM needed when there is compiled C code running machine code ?

How do you implement a LISP interpreter using a stack based and syntax
tree methods ?

Some overview with concrete examples please, but of practical value.

Also, for either you need a scanner and so an example of a scanner
using a transition table. How do you decide on the states that are
minimal and not redundant ?

What is the difference between a stack architecture of a processor and
register based one ? wouldnt the former still need an ALU and indirect
addressing to do the job ? A diagram and some explanation, or else we
will be in the domain of linguistic ambiguity.

Upload a hand sketched image if necessary, or a reference to specific
pages in google books.

I have done searches on wiki and other places but the things are not
entirely clear because they are not oriented to my goal of centering
around emacs.

Franz Xe

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