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Re: Recommended gnus spam filter system?

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Recommended gnus spam filter system?
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2010 16:38:24 -0400
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Camm Maguire <address@hidden> writes:
>Greetings!  What is the preferred method of dealing with spam under
>gnus?  I.e. what are most people using with satisfaction?

Just FYI, this question would be more appropriate on an Emacs help forum
(see emacswiki.org for starters), rather than a development list like
this one.

To answer your question: I think spam filtering is generally considered
outside the purview of Gnus.  Spam filtering is computationally
expensive and most people do it before the mails hit their mail client
(e.g., they do it on the server), or at least with a separate program.
I am not aware of any spam filtering software for Emacs in general, let
alone for Gnus.

If there is a followup thread to this, feel free to CC me on it, but
let's make sure it's in a different forum.


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