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Re: Google modules integration

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: Re: Google modules integration
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 21:07:02 +0200
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Chad Brown <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sep 10, 2010, at 10:47 AM, Thomas Lord wrote:
>> About whether or not Google maps is "SaaS" or simply a "service",
>> you wrote:
> Without digging too deeply into the definitions, I will add that it is 
> possible (and relatively common) for unaffiliated third parties to use 
> both the software and the database of Google Maps.  Some examples
> that I have used myself in the past:
>       http://housingmaps.com/ 
>       http://mapwow.com/

It's illegal to do so, without displaying googles copyright notice on
the map (if you do not buy a commercial license...).

That's the reason for the google icon on http://www.housingmaps.com/ and

It's simply illegal to use google-maps.el.

To use the google maps, you (each and every site) need to register with
google and use an API-key (valid for just one domain, not one legal
person) they send to you (and show the copyright holder's icon...).


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