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RE: C-d deleting region considered harmful

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: C-d deleting region considered harmful
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 11:44:45 -0700

> > No.  Both <delete> and C-d, whether mapped together or not, 
> > should do what they have always done in Emacs: delete the
> > next char.  Whether the region is active or not.
> Thanks.  But we're discussing here what to do with C-d:

Yes, we are.  And I'm adding <delete> to the discussion, which is typically
mapped to C-d.

> for `delete' we already decided that it should delete an
> active region (by default).

I see.  Where/when was that decided?

That's too bad.  C-d and <delete> should just delete the next char.

> Whether you agree with this `delete' behavior is irrelevant.

Anything I say you might consider irrelevant, whether I agree or disagree with
you.  That's your right.  I still voice my agreement or disagreement.

Voicing disagreement to your decisions is often ineffectual in terms of getting
you to reconsider, it is true.  That is not a reason to keep silent when a
choice is bad.

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