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Re: [CEDET-devel] ede-linux doesn't work with master emacs repo

From: David Engster
Subject: Re: [CEDET-devel] ede-linux doesn't work with master emacs repo
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 09:43:57 +0200
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Eric M. Ludlam writes:
> This seems spooky in that it cannot find "struct a" when it is right
> there in this file.  Searches for types, however, generally go through
> the typecache.  Does the typecache (from semanticdb-typecache-dump)
> show a in the cache?  If it is there, then I'm lost here, and
> debugging the analyzer will need to occur.

It's actually very simple: in semanticdb-typecache-find-default, the

(featurep 'semanticdb)

has to be changed to (featurep 'semantic/db). A quick grep shows that
there are three more:

semantic/fw.el:   (if (featurep 'semanticdb-find)
semantic/grammar.el:            (and (featurep 'semanticdb)
semantic/imenu.el:               (featurep 'semanticdb)


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