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i'd like to add some files to distribution for an extension to allout-mo

From: ken manheimer
Subject: i'd like to add some files to distribution for an extension to allout-mode
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 16:40:47 -0500

i've got a question about big addition i'd like to make to the
allout.el.  i would like to release an allout extension which i've
been developing and using for a while.  the reason i ask about it is
because it entails the addition of a new .el file and a directory with
graphical icons.

the extension, allout-widgets.el, adds graphical guide and bullet
widgets to outlines, making the outline structure much more apparent
than the purely text-only view.  (the look may be similar to the tree
widget, but it doesn't use the tree widget.)  the extension operates
purely through allout exposure hooks, run when allout functions change
an outline's exposure or structure.  as such, in addition to enhancing
the mode, it also would serve as an excellent example of extending
allout without creating any dependencies in or changes to allout code.

i have a few more small changes before i'll be ready to release it,
but wanted to check, before actually adding it to the trunk: are then
any reasons for me to refrain from adding allout-widgets.el and its
icons directory to the emacs trunk?

ken manheimer

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