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Re: Alinea filling (hanlding of explicit line-breaks)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Alinea filling (hanlding of explicit line-breaks)
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:22:16 -0500
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> Maybe an example is better to explain what I need, imagine that I have
> the following two paragraphs:
> Where I assumed that alineas are separated by either an empty line or a
> tailing `\\' while paragraphs are separated by just an empty line.

An important question here is: is it important for M-} to ignore those \\?

> What you say (making distinct separation of paragraph for motion and of
> fillable-region) is more than what I needed, because I assumed that
> alineas and paragraphs are not completely separate things, as an alinea
> is always a subset of a paragraph.

Yes, that's usually the case.  But it's more trouble for the code to
enforce that fill-forward-paragraph-function only moves within the
current paragraph, so the extra power comes at no cost and you don't
have to use it.

> Concerning EUPP, after more thinking, I realized that alineas are not
> the good approach: actually I don't need any special filling but rather
> to disable filling in some occasions, and for that using the
> fill-paragraph-function is a better approach.

Of course fill-paragraph-function sucks because it only applies to
fill-paragraph and not to fill-region.

> So, for Org I will just install emacs-24 --- or at least the fill
> package, is it backward compatible with an emacs-23 ?

No idea.  It's likely, but I really can't guarantee it.


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