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Re: good "modern" example code for a programming-language mode?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: good "modern" example code for a programming-language mode?
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:43:33 -0500
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> Does anyone have any suggestions for an Emacs programming-language
> mode implementation that makes good use of "modern" Emacs features
> (font-lock, syntax-ppss, etc) to do indentation/syntax-highlighting
> (for a language that has at least somewhat complicated features like
> multiple-line comments with multiple-character comment delimiters),
> etc?

> I'd like to read some code to see how these features are used in practice.

I've used octave-mod.el as a testbed for the new SMIE stuff, so it's
probably worth looking at it.  The sad thing is that outline-mod.el
included a lot more to start with, and some of hit has been replaced by
the SMIE features, but not all of it (some more could be removed,
I guess), so it's fairly large and I don't recommend to treat all of
it as a good example.

Maybe a cleaner example for SMIE would be modula2.el since that mode did
not provide any feature (or close enough), so it's still very lean.


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