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faces `compilation-info' and `compilation-line-number'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: faces `compilation-info' and `compilation-line-number'
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 10:20:10 -0800

Until recently, these faces were defined as follows (using inheritance from

compilation-info:        Green3 foreground, and bold
         (Green1 if dark background; Green if min colors)
compilation-line-number: font-lock-variable-name-face

Now they are defined this way (inheritance):

compilation-info:        font-lock-type-face
compilation-line-number: font-lock-keyword-face

I suggest they be defined this way instead (inheritance):

compilation-info:        font-lock-keyword-face
compilation-line-number: font-lock-variable-name-face

I think that is more readable.  In compilation and grep buffers readability of
file names is more important than readability of line numbers.  And
`font-lock-keyword-face' is generally used more than `font-lock-type-face', so
the former tends to be more legible than the latter.  That's the case even
taking user customization into account: users tend to make sure that the most
commonly used faces fit their needs.

This would also keep the same face for line numbers that we had prior to the
recent change (going at least as far back as Emacs 20).  (True, keeping the same
line-number face is not too important.)  And `font-lock-variable-name-face' is
also a commonly used face, so it is likely to be more legible for more users
than is the more seldom seen `font-lock-type-face'.

Following this suggestion the only change from the past would thus be for face
`compilation-info' (highlighting file names): it would inherit from
`font-lock-keyword-face' instead of using a Green3 + bold foreground.  (FWIW,
prior to Emacs 22, `font-lock-warning-face' was used for the file names.)

I imagine that the recent change was made in order to inherit, but also to keep
face `compilation-info' as some shade of green (`ForestGreen' is the default
foreground for `font-lock-type-face').

Keeping the default foreground green is less important than readability, IMO.
Because of its widespread use, users are more likely to customize
`font-lock-keyword-face', so it is more likely that it is more readable than
`font-lock-type-face'.  (Likewise, `font-lock-variable-name-face' vs

Example: I use a Blue3 foreground for `font-lock-keyword-face', and I don't
customize `font-lock-type-face' (or `font-lock-variable-name-face').  Blue3 is
much more readable for file names than is ForestGreen.  (I use a light

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