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can we please define a face for compile.el mouseover?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: can we please define a face for compile.el mouseover?
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 11:26:45 -0800

Can we please define a face to be used for the `mouse-face' property in the
`compile.el' code?

It doesn't make sense to hard-code `highlight' in this code.  For a user to be
able to use a different face for mouseover s?he needs to duplicate EACH of the
following function definitions and then simply replace `highlight' in the code
by a face specific to compilation and grep:

   (`--' for Emacs 24; else `-')

And if the user wants the fix to work also for other Emacs releases, then s?he
needs to duplicate and tweak the definitions twice (the Emacs 24 code is
different, including the above function renaming).

That's silly.  Users should be able to just customize the face used for
mouseover highlighting.  Example face definition:

(defface compilation-mouseover '((t (:inherit highlight)))
  "Face used to highlight text the mouse is over in compilation modes."
  :group 'compilation :group 'font-lock-highlighting-faces)

I've requested this before, but it's always been resisted or ignored.  I see no
reason not to let users customize this.  (We DTRT for mode-line mouseover, BTW:
we define face `mode-line-highlight'.)

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