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RE: Input method or help feature needed

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Input method or help feature needed
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 13:33:24 -0800

>     But what key would Emacs want to use in place of the X11 
>     Multi_key key-symbol?
> Some f-key, perhaps?  I am not sure what is typically available
> on the keyboard that Emacs does not use.

Is this a repeatable operation?  Stronger: is it something that users will often
want to repeat by holding down the key?

If not, let's not waste a repeatable key on this.  Let's save easily repeatable
keys for operations that users often repeat multiple times - e.g., incremental
modification or movement.  Let them just hold down a key or chord to do that.

Put this on a prefix key.  E.g., instead of putting it on `f7', put it on `C-x

Or if this is used very often, so you do want something quick but you don't need
successive repetition, then put it on itself as a prefix key: `f7 f7'.  Then you
can use the same prefix key for other, related commands.  This wastes `f7' as a
repeatable key, but it is less wasteful than just binding `f7' to your command.

And if there is a related command that _is_ repeatable, then put that one on `f7
f7...' instead, and put commands such as the one you mention nearby - e.g., `f7
f8'.  That's still quick.

To be able to (in effect) repeat a prefix key (`f7 f7 f7...'), where the action
starts on the second press, see:

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