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Re: New function: vc-ediff

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: New function: vc-ediff
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 22:45:10 -0400
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>>>> You should be able to see the (e)diff for any version controlled file
>>>> (for backends supported by VC), using vc-dir.
>>> What, you mean I cannot see the diffs against a previous version of a
>>> file unless I run vc-dir on its directory?
>> I don't even know if it can.  It's not relevant to the question at hand:
>> there is no diff-revisions, there's only vc-diff; so if vc-diff is
>> sufficient then so is vc-ediff.
> So, what's the verdict on this issue? Is it acceptable the way it was
> originally proposed or should I try to implement vc-ediff as a
> replacement for ediff-revision?

As long as it works (UI-wise) similarly to vc-diff, the behavior
is fine.  I wanted the implementation to rely as much as possible on VC
and as little as possible on ediff's own revision control code, but that
is not crucial, if doing it differently lets it share more code with
Can you submit a patch according to these guidelines?


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