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Re: Change to bzr build instructions

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Change to bzr build instructions
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 23:31:04 -0400
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Stefan Monnier wrote:

>  Mostly the problem is that after running copy_autogen, it still tried
> to run autoheader. I had to "touch src/stamp-h.in".

I added that, basically.

> So we should either be more careful about such dependencies in
> copy_autogen, or maybe try and get copy_autogen to set
> "enable-maintainer-mode=off".

I suppose it could do something like that, but I don't know if it is a
good idea. I really don't recommend the use of the copy_autogen script
at all, except very much as a last resort, so I wouldn't want to see it
get too fancy.

> Another (minor) problem is that it's a lot more convenient to run
> ./autogen/copy than to cd into autogen to run ./copy and then cd back
> out of it.

OK, now either works.

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