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Re: ERC tracking broken

From: Antoine Levitt
Subject: Re: ERC tracking broken
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 07:59:00 +0200
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30/03/11 02:56, Stefan Monnier
>> Alright, I finally traced it back to something not ERC-related. The
>> easiest way I could reproduce it is with some code to highlight
>> parentheses. So here's a simple recipe:
>> - Get http://pastebin.com/UafFZ9qy and put it in your load path (I got
>>   this code from emacswiki some time ago, it worked fine until today -
>>   which doesn't mean it's correct, maybe your changes simply exposed a
>>   bug in it)
>> - Put
>> (require 'highlight-parentheses)
>> (global-highlight-parentheses-mode t)
>> (ido-mode 1)
>> (icomplete-mode 1)
>> in a blank .emacs
>> - M-x a, observe there's a nice completion list
>> - C-g to get out of the completion
>> - M-x a, observe the completion list has disappeared (for the rest
>>   of the session)
> I did:
> % trunk/src/emacs -Q -l /.../highlight-parentheses.el \
>                      -f global-highlight-parentheses-mode \
>                      -f ido-mode \
>                      -f icomplete-mode

This is fine

> M-x a, observe the completion list
> C-g to get out of M-x
> M-x a
> and I observed the completion list again.
> I.e. I can't reproduce it here :-(

That's weird. I just checked using a make bootstrap, the problem is
still there, at latest bzr.

>         Stefan
> PS: Why use ido and icomplete?  Doesn't ido already do what icomplete does?

No, icomplete adds "inline" completion, which icomplete doesn't
do. Maybe I wasn't too clear earlier: when I was speaking of the
completion list, I meant the completion list from icomplete that appears
in real time in the minibuffer when typing things (which probably uses
post-command-hook), not the one you get by pressing TAB (which probably
doesn't). Are we talking about the same thing?

PS: actually, this is slighty more subtle than I thought. Try the
following, still with the same initialisation

M-x C-g
M-x t (inline completion on) o (inline completion off, which is a bug)
TAB (inline completion on)


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