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Re: [display-buffer] a way to make it behave as before?

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: [display-buffer] a way to make it behave as before?
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 19:39:54 +0900
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martin rudalics wrote:
>> I only want to see it in the other window of the current frame.

> There was a misunderstanding.  I thought you wanted a new frame :-(

> In the first version of `display-buffer-alist' there was no minimum size
> of the new window specified, so you got too many windows.  This should
> have been fixed in the meantime.  So the best solution is probably to
> try using the default value of `display-buffer-alist' again.

I tried the new window.el without rebuilding Emacs as:

emacs -Q -eval '(makunbound (quote display-buffer-alist))' -l window

The *scratch* window appears in an Emacs frame.  Say it is the
first frame.  Type `C-x 5 b RET' there.  The *Messages* window
will appear in a new Emacs frame.  Say it is the second frame.
And then type `C-x 4 f ~/.emacs RET' in the second frame.  Hmm,
the .emacs window appears in the first frame.  Isn't it strange?
At least it differs from old Emacsen.

> If you want to avoid that another frame showing the buffer already is
> used, replace in all reuse-window specifiers you find in
> `display-buffer-alist' the last element by nil.

> That is, wherever you see an object like

>   (reuse-window nil same visible)

> replace the term `visible' by nil

>   (reuse-window nil same nil)

> so only the selected and not all visible frames get inspected.

I'll try it.  Thanks.

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