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Re: [display-buffer] a way to make it behave as before?

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: Re: [display-buffer] a way to make it behave as before?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 08:04:51 +0900
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martin rudalics wrote:
>> emacs -Q -eval '(makunbound (quote display-buffer-alist))' -l window

`makunbound' here was used to ensure using the default value of
`display-buffer-alist' that the new window.el provides.
If it is just `emacs -Q -l window', `-l NEW-window.el' will not
override the old default value of `display-buffer-alist', that
has been dumped into the Emacs executable.  Whereas you haven't
changed it in the last commit, so it was unnecessary.

> If you make this unbound, you ignore the default values which are
> responsible for implementing the traditional behavior.

But `emacs -Q -l window' makes no difference.  So, I'm going to
try again later.  Now rebuilding Emacs is in progress (it takes
a long time in the cygwin system :-<).

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