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Re: problems with emacsclient started by cygwin programs (mswindows)

From: layer
Subject: Re: problems with emacsclient started by cygwin programs (mswindows)
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 08:00:36 -0700

Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> > OK, changes below for my proposed hook.  Comments welcome.
>> > If I've not submitted this correctly and there's a FAQ about
>> > submitting, please point me to it and I'll gladly do it some other
>> > way.
>> I don't know Windows well enough to know exactly what should happen, but
>> here are some thoughts:
>> - you can solve your problem with something like cywin-mount.el.
>>   I know Eli doesn't like cywin-mount.el, but I think we should at least
>>   add such a feature to GNU ELPA.

I use cygwin-mount.el and it doesn't solve the problem.  The reason:
expand-file-name was creating invalid pathnames (c:/home/... rather
than c:/cygwin/home/...).  cygwin-mount.el is for rewriting *valid*

>> - It might still make sense to want to understand cygwin-style file
>>   names from emacsclient without wanting cygwin-mount (which tries to
>>   handle cywin file names *everywhere*).  But then it should probably
>>   work not only for emacsclient but also for file name args to emacs
>>   itself (as a general rule, we should strive to make `emacs' and
>>   `emacsclient' command line handling more similar rather than more
>>   different).

The problem I'm trying to solve is unique to a cygwin program
calling emacsclient.  I'm not sure we want to generalize it beyond

I use Windows a lot, and cygwin and (non-cygwin) emacs make life
bearable.  The server.el hack is the last piece of the puzzle for me
that makes it all work together.

Go ahead and google "windows emacsclient" and see how many people are
struggling with this.  In my Nth push to get emacsclient to work on
windows a few weeks ago, I found cygwin-mount.el, and it works for
most situations.  Just not when I'm in a subdir of ~ where bash
reports my directory as /home/...  and not /c/cygwin/home/...  the
latter would be handled 100% properly *without modification* by

For me, I'm set.  I've got a 100% working system.  I'm trying to help
all those out there in emacs land that are hitting the wall with
emacsclient on windows.


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