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Re: Problems with new smtpmail

From: Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: Problems with new smtpmail
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 18:25:42 +0200
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Óscar Fuentes <address@hidden> writes:

> It's smtp.telefonica.net, in case you are curious.

Ah, right.  I see it announces both AUTH and STARTTLS, which is somewhat
unusual, I think.

Anyway, the fail-if-STARTTLS-isn't-possible-but-announced was only a
"fail early" kind of thing, where we wouldn't try to do a MAIL FROM, and
get an error message from that, if the server had announced STARTTLS.

Hm...  But!

If the server announces STARTTLS (but not AUTH), and we don't have
STARTTLS, and we do a MAIL FROM, and it says "nope", then we could error
out with "You need STARTTLS to talk to this server" instead "The server
doesn't let you talk".

It's only a case of giving the user a better error message -- it'll fail

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