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RFC: [PATCH] isearch enhancements: symbol mode; syntactic filtering

From: Daniel Colascione
Subject: RFC: [PATCH] isearch enhancements: symbol mode; syntactic filtering
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 07:20:42 -0700
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New features

- Syntactic filtering: control whether to match in comments, strings, and normal text.

- Symbol search: like word search, but looks only at symbol boundaries

- One ring: optionally share a search ring between normal and regular expression searches. The additional history storage described below allows this mode to work reliably.


- After an isearch settings change, we refresh the state stored at the to of the stack. This way, we don't lose track of settings after adding characters to the search string and removing them again.

The patch also changes some behavior:

- With the patch, we store isearch state in the history ring alongside the actual search strings. This information allows us to exactly recreate searches when we pull them from history.

Other behavior changes

- Case sensitivity is now displayed alongside other isearch settings in the isearch prompt. Previously, the only indication we gave of case sensitivity was a fleeing message displayed briefly each time the user toggled the setting.

- isearch no longer prints "pending". I don't see why this message would be useful.

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