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Re: switch-to-buffer: for interactive use only

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: switch-to-buffer: for interactive use only
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2011 18:45:06 +0200
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>> So we should make `switch-to-buffer' do what it has always done (just
>> that now it's more fully customizable).
> I'm not sure what "what it has always done" refers to.  What it used to
> do in Emacs-22 (and does again right now) or what it used to do in Emacs-23?

I meant we shouldn't distinguish between a `switch-to-buffer' function
and a `pop-to-buffer-same-window' function since both would end up doing
essentially the same thing `switch-to-buffer' always did.  Or is the
main motivation that `pop-to-buffer-same-window' has a built-in fallback
for strongly dedicated windows?

>> I'm not sure though whether you
>> would want to make `display-buffer' reuse weakly dedicated windows too?
> No, indeed, not display-buffer.

Then tell my what you expect a function like `pop-to-buffer-same-window'
do differently from `switch-to-buffer'.  In any case we have to give it
a different name since the `pop-to-buffer' family functions never reuse
dedicated windows.


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