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RE: `remove-duplicates'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: `remove-duplicates'
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 09:37:34 -0700

One comment wrt adding another Emacs-Lisp function (e.g. `remove-duplicates')
that has the same name as an existing Emacs-Lisp function provided by cl.el:
Please don't do it; instead, change the name so there is no clash.

It's too late to rename the cl.el function by adding a `*' suffix or something,
unless you want to break backward compatibility.

The problem with having the same name, which already happens in a couple of
cases, is that the functions have different behavior (e.g. keywords), or at a
minimum different doc.  This is a source of confusion, if not errors (which may
not be immediately obvious).

If you call your new function `remove-dups' or something there will be no
problem.  But I'm really not trying to say anything particular about what the
proper solution is; just pointing to a potential problem that is worth avoiding.

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