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Re: Hook to debbug to forward bug reports to modules maintainers?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Hook to debbug to forward bug reports to modules maintainers?
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 13:58:46 -0400
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Bastien wrote:

> Is it possible to have bugs forwarded to address@hidden 
> when then are about Org?

Not automatically, no. You can check


from time to time, assuming someone reassigns things to that package
("someone" usually does). Any subsequent correspondence on those reports
goes to both addresses automatically. If people file bugs with the right
package, this will happen from the start, but you cannot rely on people
to do that, else you could just ask them to send them to your preferred
address from the start.

> We would avoid double work: sometimes people fix things in Emacs
> that have been already fixed in latest Org version, or I have to 
> duplicate the fix in Org's version.

The right solution to this would seem to be more frequent syncing
between the two repositories. Since there is a daily (?) update of the
org version in GNU ELPA, I sometimes wonder if the months-out-of-date
version in Emacs core is still useful. Looks like it is 7 months behind
at present?

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