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Re: debbugs Emacs package names

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: debbugs Emacs package names
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 12:39:10 -0400
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Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen wrote:

> I wonder whether there's much point in tagging stuff as "emacs,gnus" or
> "emacs,org-mode".  Presumably the Gnus and Org maintainers will deal
> with these bugs, so would it make sense to just assign them solely to
> "gnus" and "org-mode"?

It's not tagging, it's reassigning, and it affects where bug mails go.

I think that if someone reports a bug to bug-gnu-emacs, they expect to
see subsequent mails about it appear on that list, so things should
generally stay in the "emacs" package. Since both Org and Gnus have
separate bug reporting addresses, people who want to can use those
channels instead from the start.

When something has been reported as an "emacs" bug, I'm not sure
assigning it to eg "emacs,gnus" really adds much value, but I figure it
doesn't do any harm.

> And should we do the same for other external/internal-packages like
> cperl-mode? 

I advise against it. I did more of putting things in packages at the
start, and it turned out not to be worth it. It doesn't add much value
(eg a subject search is often just as good a way to find relevant bugs),
and it makes merging harder. I only do it now when there is a real
alternative bug maling list (eg gnus, cc-mode). Even then I'm not sure
it adds much. Do you as a Gnus developer find it helps you in any way?

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