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Re: [PATCH] system-type cygwin with window-system w32

From: chad
Subject: Re: [PATCH] system-type cygwin with window-system w32
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 14:24:44 -0700

On Jul 22, 2011, at 12:41 AM, Lennart Borgman wrote:

> I do not think it works very well all the time. There are problems
> with timing when creating frames for example. Emacs can become
> unresponsive due to those and also because of network activity.
> Did not grishka had some other examples too?

Unless Eli was wrong or Grishka has changed his mind, the patch is 
unusable, so what would you like to do about it?

Are there specific problems that you can report, or is it more of a


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