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Re: Contributing

From: Rett Kent
Subject: Re: Contributing
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 13:32:17 -0700
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On 07/23/2011 01:13 AM, Sameer Rahmani wrote:
My friend and i want to contribute to Emacs as much as we can. We want
to contribute in development and translations.

I read in contributing documents that is better to post here first,
where should we start? what we can do ? and is there any specific task
or something?

Hi Shameer,

I sent an email to Stefan Monnier a month ago or so with that same question. Hopefully he won't mind if I share his response.

> Thanks for your interest in Emacs and desire to contribute.
> We're not very well organized to answer such a question, I guess, but
> you could start by looking at the etc/TODO file (tho it's largely
> a dump of ideas along the lines of "it would be nice, but I'll never get
> to it" so it may not be that easy to tackle).
> Most people start by contributing small changes they've accumulated in
> their .emacs over the years, or bug reports (with or without patches)
> about problems (actual bugs, or just missing features) they've bump
> into.  Other things you could try is to go through the etc/NEWS file in
> the trunk branch and look at the entries that are not yet marked as
> "done" (i.e. either a --- or a +++ before it) which means that the
> corresponding change has not yet been reflected in the manual.
> I'd also recommend to follow the address@hidden mailing list,
> although it's pretty high traffic.
>         Stefan

If you do end up contributing, you should set up a website or blog that documents how you actually managed to select something to fix, and shepard it into the Emacs trunk. I tried to start, but I found it a bit too daunting for my feeble abilities.

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