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Re: New build process?

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: New build process?
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 16:00:48 -0400

On Jul 26, 2011, at 2:47 PM, David Kastrup wrote:
>> I don't seem to be able to find instructions about this, and I haven't
>> found anything relevant and recent in the emacs-devel archive.  Help,
>> please!

Suggest changing the name of this file.  Not everybody gets the source code via 
Bazaar.  When these inconvenient changes happened, I got caught out like Alan 
Mackenzie, since I wouldn't think of reading this file.

Better yet, include a configure script that calls autogen.sh and then runs 
itself.  If people consider this an inconvenience w.r.t. the version control 
tool, then perhaps autogen.sh could generate configure.local instead.

As others have said here, people expect to be able to do ./configure; make 

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