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RE: more than one prefix argument

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: more than one prefix argument
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 13:36:46 -0700

> > what about allowing more than one prefix argument
> > by making interactive codes "p" and "P" sending
> > truly separated.
> We already have more than one kind of prefix argument: see
> universal-coding-system-argument for an example.  You can 
> already define as many kinds of "prefix argument" as you'd
> like: just define a global flag and a command to set that
> flag, and have post-command-hook clear the flag unless (eq
> this-command 'my-prefix-setting-function).

I don't think that's what Andreas is asking about.  He's not asking about being
able to define alternative "prefix arg"-like things (to be used separately).  I
think he wants the same user input to somehow distinguish two different things

At least that's my understanding.  IMO, he is simply confused, and defining
alternative prefix-arg-like things won't help him here.

Put differently, having the user use different prefix-arg-like things is similar
to having the user use a positive vs negative prefix arg.  And that's apparently
not what he wants.

He seems to want the user to use the _same_ behavior (no key difference) to
somehow get two different command behaviors.  Again, that's my guess about what
he's asking.

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