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Re: dired-do-touch (was: [PATCH] fix goto-line)

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: dired-do-touch (was: [PATCH] fix goto-line)
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2011 12:17:17 +0300
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> Thanks, could you please open up a bug report for this
> on debbugs.gnu.org?  That'd be a better place to discuss
> this anyway.

I've unarchived that bug report and referred to this thread from it.

>> +      (if (eq op-symbol 'touch)
>> +          (format-time-string "%Y%m%d%H%M.%S" (current-time))))
> I don't know what the overall problem is here, but I can
> see two issues with this proposed patch.  First, presumably it
> invokes (current-time) at one point, and then, later,
> uses that saved current-time to do the 'touch'.  But that's
> not quite right; it's the equivalent of the shell command
>   touch --date="$(date)" file

In theory you are right.  But in practice a 1-2 sec delay
is not a problem.

> whereas surely what is wanted is the equivalent of
>   touch file

When `touch file' is really wanted then it's easy to type `! touch'.
`dired-do-touch' was created for the convenience of changing
the file's timestamp providing useful default values for editing.

> The latter command avoids some race conditions, because it
> uses the time at the point of the 'touch', not at the point of
> the invocation of 'date' (or of 'current-time').

`T' is intended to allow editing the file attribute of the last
modification time, like `M' is used for editing the file's mode,
`O' - owner's UID, `G' - GID.  The docstring of `dired-do-touch' says:
"Change the timestamp of the marked (or next ARG) files."
And Dired is "Directory Editor" after all, so it should allow
editing file attributes including timestamps.

> The second issue is minor, and perhaps fixing the first issue
> will make it irrelevant, but here it is anyway: the
> "(current-time)" can be omitted in the above code, as it's the default
> for that argument of format-time-string.

Thanks, I removed "(current-time)" from the call to `format-time-string'.

BTW, I noticed that the docstring of `format-time-string' refers
to the argument `TIME' whereas the real argument name is `TIMEVAL'.
Adding something like "\n\(fn FORMAT-STRING &optional TIME UNIVERSAL)"
to the last line of the docstring would help.

Another documentation mismatch is that (info "(emacs) Operating on Files")

       Change the mode (also called "permission bits") of the specified
       files (`dired-do-chmod').  This uses the `chmod' program, so
       MODESPEC can be any argument that `chmod' can handle.

But actually `dired-do-chmod' doesn't use the `chmod' program anymore.

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