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HTML5 the new lisp ?

From: Sander Boer
Subject: HTML5 the new lisp ?
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 22:25:20 +0200
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I know it makes no sense to compare a markup language to a functional
language, but think of it, HTML5 is the first point of contact of most
people when it comes to computing, much like the early days of computing
when lisp was the first language people came into contact with.

More to the point, the reason I bring this up in this group is the fact that I 
find myself
wondering what emacs would *mean* when it would embrace HTML5 as a
fundamental integrated platform.

HTML5 is being heralded as the app platform of the coming years, with
mobile computing taking the lead as the main Internet connecting device.

But personally, I would like to see a good rendering engine, imagine
what gnus would look like. Come to think of it, imagine how ubiquitous
HTML5 emails would be in the (near) future - sure, it will also come
with its own unique set of security concerns, but I seriously wonder if
text-only email will cut it. ah, hold on with ye flames, after a brief
stint with HTML signatures, I find myself gravitating towards
text-only. But that is mainly because HTML in its present incarnation in
emails is too volatile, but one must admit that volatility is hardly a
reason that it will *never* work.

Also, auctex, man what would that look like ?
Or what about HTML5 games ? Gnus vs. Penguins , Angry Emus ?

I noticed Joakim Verona implemented a webkit widget and I was wondering
how this is received in the land of Fangorn  ?
I propose a step deeper, a C-level implementation. 

It is an absurd idea, but is it not through initial absurdity that
unimaginable possibilities become unlocked ?
Are we not Man, is absurdity not our privilege ?

Sander Boer
A visit to a strange place will bring fresh work.

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