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Re: bzr:// vz nosmart+bzr://

From: Ari Roponen
Subject: Re: bzr:// vz nosmart+bzr://
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 12:36:48 +0300
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Would people please time the following 2 commands and see if this
> observation is correct in general?  If it is, I'd like to update the
> instructions on the wiki, because describing 2 different protocols
> there might unnecessarily confuse new users.
>   bzr branch nosmart+bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk/
>   bzr branch bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk/

[nosmart]$ time bzr branch nosmart+bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk/
Branched 106042 revision(s).

real    23m21.398s
user    9m32.193s
sys     0m8.146s

[bzr]$ time bzr branch bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk/
Branched 106042 revision(s).

real    12m27.467s
user    7m25.061s
sys     0m10.856s

Ari Roponen

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