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Re: Subwindow terminology

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Subwindow terminology
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 11:18:15 +0100
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> No, I'll just deal with the fallout when XEmacs needs to sync to this
> ill-conceived mess.  Martin doesn't write anything about why history
> of a window tree matters to Lisp programmers,

Because Martin doesn't care.

> but instead writes many
> things like
>     But since I apparently failed to convey the semantics of this
>     variable in the Elisp manual, someone else will have to take care
>     of writing such a description.
> and
>     > Why do you need to talk about subwindows at all?
>     Because I didn't give this a thought yet ;-)
> If he needs to repeat those statements at this point, y'all are up to
> your necks in the Big Muddy.

The term subwindow was in code and documentations for many years.  If
people decide, at a certain point in time, that they don't like the term
any more, they recognize too late in what kind of Muddy they've been all
that time.

> And reading *all* of both bugs doesn't explain why history of a window
> tree matters, except to Martin personally because he's the one who has
> to make sure invariants are maintained across operations on window
> trees.  But the rest of us *using* the API are counting on him to get
> those invariants right.

As stated repeatedly I never cared about the history of a window tree
and will not do so in the future.

> Any place you feel a *need* to use the term "subwindow" needs more
> thought about what you're actually doing. :-)  (Of course I have an
> ulterior motive here, in that XEmacs uses the term "subwindow" for a
> completely different kind of object, a "native widget", but I think
> that sentence is nevertheless true.)

Meanwhile I removed all references to the term subwindow from code and


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