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Re: xterm.c (x_clear_frame) - commented out call to XClearWindow

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: xterm.c (x_clear_frame) - commented out call to XClearWindow
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 16:54:00 +0800
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Geoff Gole <address@hidden> writes:

> Let me amend my reproduction recipe a bit. I usually run emacs under a
> tiling window manager which fullscreens everything by default, making
> it easy to see the stale pixels. Under a more normal window manager I
> have to do something like
>   emacs -Q
>   maximize the emacs
>   M-: (set-background-color "red")

OK, I see the problem now; thanks.  I guess your proposed fix is an OK
band-aid.  A more correct fix would be to make sure that the echo area
is painted properly when drawing glyph strings, i.e. all the way to the
bottom of the frame.  But that may not be a straightforward change.

The problem doesn't stop there, though: depending on the screen width,
there's a similar unpainted space to the right of the GTK scroll bar,
and another in the echo area where the scroll bar normally appears.

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