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Would you like to work on improving Emacs full time?

From: Tom
Subject: Would you like to work on improving Emacs full time?
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 16:45:56 +0000 (UTC)
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When I started the crowdfunding thread I was assuming there were
developers reading this list who'd like to work on implementing Emacs
features full time if there was a way to fund it.

Of course, it is not necessary to work on Emacs full time to implement
new fetures, but there are complex features which apparently don't
happen in the current volunteer development model, or if they do
happen then it takes a very long time to implement them if one only
works on them in one's free time.

I guess it's more likely that freelancers would take up working on an
Emacs feature full time, because people with regular jobs are not
likely to give up their jobs, just to work on a feature for several
months. (But who knows?)

So the question is: are there people here who'd like to work on an
often requested feature full time if they could get the necessary

This the first question which needs to be answered, because if emacs
is only a hobby for its developers and everyone has his regular job
which he doesn't want to give up for working on emacs then the
crowdfunding model can't be applied to implement often requested, but
complex, difficult to implement features.

Of course, if the crowdfunding model proves to be successful then it
can even be a permanent job to work on emacs by starting crowdfundings
one after the other. Especially, if compelling features are
implemented with this model, because this could mean more users for
Emacs who'd otherwise use an other editor/IDE and more users would
mean an even bigger crowdfunding pool for implementing even more
compelling features, etc.

But first we have to have the ball rolling somehow. So if you work on
emacs (either on the core or on some packages) in your free time and
would be willing to work on a most wanted feature full time with
crowdfunding then please speak up, so we at least know there are
developers interested in this model.

We should know if there are interested developers at all in order to
judge if this model could work for Emacs. (Of course, there can be
interested developers who are not on this list, but I don't know how
they can be reached, that's why I brought up the subject here
where such developers are likely to be.)

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