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Re: /srv/bzr/emacs/trunk r112183: Move forward-whitespace, forward-symbo

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: /srv/bzr/emacs/trunk r112183: Move forward-whitespace, forward-symbol, forward-same-syntax commands to subr.el. Use forward-symbol in supermode.el again.
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 10:39:20 +0200
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Am 31.03.2013 08:06, schrieb Leo Liu:
On 2013-03-30 20:10 +0800, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

Stefan advised it for `forward-symbol' and after looking at
`thingatpt.el', I agreed with him.  The other two (`forward-same-syntax'
and `forward-whitespace') were very similar so I followed the same

1) simple, generally useful, small

2) use only basic Emacs commands and no commands from `thingatpt.el'

3) seem consistent with the rest of `subr.el'

Perhaps we can have `motion.el' or something, but with the current
layout `subr.el' seems the best place.

You already have a nice and broad name space to work with i.e. thingatpt
so no need to make another one. thingatpt gives you forward and backward
motions and other goodies.

Hi Leo,

thingatpt.el delivers a framework, an unified way to determine the start and 
the end of an object in buffer.

Upon that identifications some simple commands are implemented there, which 
make use of it: jumps-to-start, -end, move-over etc.

The commands moved now are simple commands also with a related purpose but not 
constructed upon the thingatpt framework.

Not everything with wheels needs to be exposed during an car-saloon ;)



I think a better and cleaner way to do this is maybe clean up
thingatpt.el. Now codes are scattered everywhere which is messier in my


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