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comments about jsonrpc.el

From: Filipp Gunbin
Subject: comments about jsonrpc.el
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2018 23:00:39 +0300

I was reading the last jsonrpc.el from jsonrpc-refactor branch in eglot
repo and got few comments.  Sorry if I'm misreading something.

1) When deferred action times out, the timer clears continuations and
calls timeout-fn.  I think it should also clear deferred actions, so
they are not called from next jsonrpc--connection-receive afterwards.

2) When deferred action runs, it invokes jsonrpc-async-request which
invokes jsonrpc-connection-send.  I think we should also clear
deferred actions here (why leave them?).  Also, there seem to be two
ways to handle timer: a) take timer from deferred action and save it
in continuation - then its timeout spans both 'wait until server
ready' interval and actual response wait interval; b) cancel deferred
action timer and create new timer - it's done in the current code.

3) When deferred action runs, jsonrpc--async-request-1 should be
called with 'deferred' non-nil - so it actually sends request.  But
it's unclear to me how this deferred=t is passed there ('apply' call
on line 621)

4) jsonrpc--async-request-1 - non-local exit is missing (I saw it in
the version you posted here)

5) jsonrpc-request: there's unwind-protect with some cleanup.  Seems
that we also need to clean deferred actions and cancel timer (that is
in continuation).  Another option - maybe we can just bind
inhibit-quit to t instead of this unwind-protect with cleanup?


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