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Re: patreon or alternative?

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: patreon or alternative?
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2018 14:25:38 -0400

I can think of Liberapay [0] and fosspay [1] off top of my head.
Liberapay is licenses under CC0 and fosspay under MIT.

Liberapay seems to be using MangoPay behind the scenes, with whom
they've apparently run into trouble with, and are in danger of
closing ([2]).  Worth keeping an eye on.

fosspay, on the other hand, uses Stripe for doing the actual
payment, which requires running non-free JS I believe.

There used to be a Gittip (later, Gratipay) at one point but it
sadly closed down last year. Liberapay and fosspay seem to be the
least worst of the available options, but I'd love to hear if
there are any better options.

[0]: https://github.com/liberapay/liberapay.com
[1]: https://github.com/SirCmpwn/fosspay
[2]: https://github.com/liberapay/salon/issues/232

P.S. PayPal seems to have an Apache-2.0 licensed JS checkout
implementation here [4] but I don't know whether or not by using
that one could entirely avoid non-free JS when making a payment.

[4]: https://github.com/paypal/paypal-checkout



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