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Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 6fdc3fa: Support terminal focus notifications

From: dancol
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 6fdc3fa: Support terminal focus notifications
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2018 08:49:25 -0700
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>> +(defun xterm-handle-focus-in ()
>> +  (interactive)
>> +  (handle-focus-in))
>> +(defun xterm-handle-focus-out ()
>> +  (interactive)
>> +  (handle-focus-out))
> Aka
>     (defalias 'xterm-handle-focus-in  #'handle-focus-in)
>     (defalias 'xterm-handle-focus-out #'handle-focus-out)
> right?

handle-focus-{in,out} have an interactive specification that makes them
not work when bound directly to the synthetic event --- which seems silly,
since we never actually use the event --- but I didn't want to touch the
existing focus code.

>> +(define-key global-map [xterm-focus-in] #'xterm-handle-focus-in)
>> +(define-key global-map [xterm-focus-out] #'xterm-handle-focus-out)
> I think this deserves a comment explaining why we don't use the
> pre-existing `focus-in` and `focus-out` events and why we bind our
> events in global-map rather than in special-map (as is done for
> `focus-in/out` events).

I was being consistent with the xterm-paste event. All three events should
go in special-map if that's the right place, shouldn't they? It doesn't
seem to make a difference in this case.

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