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Alternative to process-lines for tramp

From: Ergus
Subject: Alternative to process-lines for tramp
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 04:00:36 +0200
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Hi all

I was checking the counsel-gtags package because it was not working in
Tramp and the issue was basically that the code uses the function
'process-lines' but this function internally uses call-process (instead
of what the name suggests) I was looking for an alternative (like
call-process => process-file) but I couldn't find any.

So the question is if there is a reason for not providing such function;
else if you think that the existing one should be modified or a new one
included just to change the process-file instead of call-process part?

Finally I want to ask about a package adoption process in melpa, because
the original counsel-gtags is abandon (since 2017 and the author doesn't
reply to questions, pull request or issues) and there is a fork from
FelipeLema that wants to substitute it (adopt) but there is not any
answer from Melpa for his pull request since some weeks. So maybe there
is something wrong in the adoption.

Thanks in advance

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