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Re: w32 master branch: "make[2]: *** [calendar/cal-loaddefs.el] Error 3"

From: Keith David Bershatsky
Subject: Re: w32 master branch: "make[2]: *** [calendar/cal-loaddefs.el] Error 3"
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 18:05:35 -0700

Thank you, Eli, for the suggestions.  I gave it a whirl and it looks like my 
version of gcc.exe / MinGW_32 does not deal well with spaces in file/folder 
names.  This may have been the reason why I have been using the 8+3 aliases of 
long file names for the past few years when building Emacs on the w32 platform; 
however, I have only a vague recollection of what went through my mind when I 
wrote up my initial cheat-sheet way back then.  To avoid seeing the warnings 
during the build process, I may ultimately do the building in a path that does 
not contain any spaces in the file/folder names.

Unless there is more than one issue preventing the build from completing using 
the patch for multiple fake cursors (proof concept), it appears that the root 
cause of the failed build relates to the uninitialized memory that is being 
worked on contemporaneously in a different thread.

cd "/c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/emacs"


CFLAGS='-O0 -g3' ./configure \
--prefix="/c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/trunk" \
--enable-checking='yes,glyphs' \
--enable-check-lisp-object-type \
--without-compress-install \
--without-makeinfo \
--with-gnutls=no \
--with-mailutils \


make -C nt all
make[1]: Entering directory `/c/Documents and 
  RC       emacs.res
  CCLD     runemacs.exe
gcc.exe: error: and: No such file or directory
gcc.exe: error: Settings/Administrator/Desktop/emacs/nt/inc: No such file or 
make[1]: *** [runemacs.exe] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/Documents and 
make: *** [nt] Error 2


> Date: [04-04-2019 06:07:23] <04 Apr 2019 16:07:23 +0300>
> From: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
> * * *
> >
> > For each loaddefs.el, I see a loop of what seems like somewhere between 50 
> > and 100 repetitions until the build process moves on to the next 
> > loaddefs.el file; and, the loops look like this:
> >
> >   c:/docume~1/admini~1/desktop/emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el and c:/Documents and 
> > Settings/Administrator/Desktop/emacs/lisp/loaddefs.el are the same file
> They are just warnings.
> > In the Console2 terminal using the MinGW_32 goodies, I do the following:
> >
> > cd /c/docume~1/admini~1/desktop/
> I think this is the cause of your problem, right there: you are using
> short 8+3 aliases of long file names.  Why are you doing that?  Just
> say
>   cd "/c/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop"
> > CFLAGS='-O0 -g3' ./configure \
> > --prefix=/c/docume~1/admini~1/desktop/trunk \
> Likewise here: use the full long file names.
> Alternatively, just ignore the warnings, they are harmless.

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