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Re: Increase minimum required GTK versions?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Increase minimum required GTK versions?
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2019 18:57:47 +0300

> From: Alex <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden,  address@hidden,  address@hidden
> Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2019 21:14:02 -0600
> > To allow proper review, please make the log message more detailed.  In
> > particular, stuff you remove that is not under an explicit GTK version
> > condition should have a minimal explanation for why it is TRT to
> > remove it.  (The rationale doesn't have to be in the log message,
> > although it would be nice to have it there; it could be just in the
> > email that accompanies the patch.)
> Here's a brief overview of the changes outside of explicit checks:

Thanks, I think most of this text should be in the commit log.  It's
not too long for that, and provides useful information.

> * Old file selection dialog
> This is only optionally used in GTK 2, but the old dialog is long
> deprecated in GTK 2 (removed in GTK 3), so I figured that this is a good
> time to remove it and simplify the existing code.

I think this should be left alone.  It's a separate issue anyway, and
should be submitted separately.  It would be good to try to establish
whether this feature is turned on by someone, but given that it's only
for GTK2, I tend to think we should simply let it die a natural death
together with GTK2.

> > Please also tell with which GTK versions did you try building with to
> > verify the correctness of the changes.
> I tested with GTK 2.24.32 and GTK 3.24.7. I didn't see a need to test
> with an older GTK 3 version since the GTK 3 part of the change involves
> simplifying version checks 3 <= version <= 3.10 (and

I think it would be good to see if the changes compile with 3.10
nonetheless.  Can someone please try that?

> > Not sure we discussed 3.10 as the minimum GTK3 version, we only talked
> > about 2.x AFAIR.  What is the situation with GTK3 versions in the
> > current distributions of GNU/Linux?
> My messages briefly discussed the minimum of 3.10 and how Debian Jessie
> (oldstable -- soon to be oldoldstable), and Ubuntu 14.04LTS have GTK 3.10.

What about others, like RH?

> RHEL doesn't even support GTK 3 until RHEL 7, which has 3.22.

AFAIK, Red Hat is not limited to RHEL, and then there are derivatives,
like CentOS.  (I'm not saying those others come with older GTK3, I'm
just saying we should check.)

> So I think bumping to 3.10 doesn't hurt, especially since there's still
> GTK 2 support.

It sounds to me a bit drastic to tell people to downgrade to GTK2
because we don't support old enough GTK3.


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