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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/ChangeLog

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lisp/ChangeLog
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 18:43:23 +0000

Index: emacs/lisp/ChangeLog
diff -u emacs/lisp/ChangeLog:1.9023 emacs/lisp/ChangeLog:1.9024
--- emacs/lisp/ChangeLog:1.9023 Tue Jan 24 17:14:16 2006
+++ emacs/lisp/ChangeLog        Tue Jan 24 18:43:22 2006
@@ -1,9 +1,10 @@
 2006-01-24  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>
+       * log-view.el (log-view-minor-wrap): First rev is the one at point.
        * calendar/cal-menu.el: Avoid macros from calendar.el so as to break
        the nastiest part of the cyclic dependency.
-       (cal-menu-update): Use dotimes.
-       (cal-menu-update): Use calendar-increment-month.
+       (cal-menu-update): Use dotimes and calendar-increment-month.
        * calendar/calendar.el: Remove unnecessary leading stars in docstrings.
        (calendar-week-start-day): Add an :initializer.

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