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[Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lispref/frames.texi

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] Changes to emacs/lispref/frames.texi
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 16:28:13 +0000

Index: emacs/lispref/frames.texi
diff -u emacs/lispref/frames.texi:1.101 emacs/lispref/frames.texi:1.102
--- emacs/lispref/frames.texi:1.101     Fri Jan 27 18:34:15 2006
+++ emacs/lispref/frames.texi   Thu Feb  2 16:28:13 2006
@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@
 * Dialog Boxes::                Displaying a box to ask yes or no.
 * Pointer Shapes::              Specifying the shape of the mouse pointer.
 * Window System Selections::    Transferring text to and from other X clients.
+* Drag and Drop::               Internals of Drag-and-Drop implementation.
 * Color Names::                        Getting the definitions of color names.
 * Text Terminal Colors::        Defining colors for text-only terminals.
 * Resources::                  Getting resource values from the server.
@@ -469,7 +470,7 @@
 The width in pixels of the frame's border.
 @item internal-border-width
-The distance in pixels between text and the frame's border.
+The distance in pixels between text (or fringe) and the frame's border.
 @item vertical-scroll-bars
 Whether the frame has scroll bars for vertical scrolling, and which side
@@ -1685,6 +1686,36 @@
 but @code{t} on MS-Windows.
 @end defopt
address@hidden Drag and Drop
address@hidden Drag and Drop
address@hidden x-dnd-test-function
address@hidden x-dnd-known-types
+  When a user drags something from another application over Emacs, that other
+application expects Emacs to tell it if Emacs can handle the data that is
+dragged.  The variable @code{x-dnd-test-function} is used by Emacs to determine
+what to reply.  The default value is @code{x-dnd-default-test-function}
+which accepts drops if the type of the data to be dropped is present in
address@hidden  You can customize @code{x-dnd-test-function} and/or
address@hidden if you want Emacs to accept or reject drops based
+on some other criteria.
address@hidden x-dnd-types-alist
+  If you want to change the way Emacs handles drop of different types
+or add a new type, customize @code{x-dnd-types-alist}.  This requires
+detailed knowledge of what types other applications use for drag and
address@hidden dnd-protocol-alist
+  When an URL is dropped on Emacs it may be a file, but it may also be
+another URL type (ftp, http, etc.).  Emacs first checks
address@hidden to determine what to do with the URL.  If
+there is no match there and if @code{browse-url-browser-function} is
+an alist, Emacs looks for a match there.  If no match is found the
+text for the URL is inserted.  If you want to alter Emacs behavior,
+you can customize these variables.
address@hidden ignore
 @node Color Names
 @section Color Names

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