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[Emacs-diffs] /srv/bzr/emacs/emacs-24 r108005: Fix redirection in nt/con

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] /srv/bzr/emacs/emacs-24 r108005: Fix redirection in nt/configure.bat.
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 11:21:19 +0300
User-agent: Bazaar (2.3.1)

revno: 108005
committer: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
branch nick: emacs-24
timestamp: Fri 2012-05-18 11:21:19 +0300
  Fix redirection in nt/configure.bat.
   nt/configure.bat: Ensure a space between %var% expansion and
   redirection symbol '>', which breaks when %var% ends in a digit,
   such as 1.
=== modified file 'nt/ChangeLog'
--- a/nt/ChangeLog      2012-04-11 06:33:51 +0000
+++ b/nt/ChangeLog      2012-05-18 08:21:19 +0000
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+2012-05-18  Eli Zaretskii  <address@hidden>
+       * configure.bat: Ensure a space between %var% expansion and
+       redirection symbol '>', which breaks when %var% ends in a digit,
+       such as 1.
 2012-04-11  Dani Moncayo  <address@hidden>  (tiny change)
        * makefile.w32-in: Fix typo (Bug#10261).

=== modified file 'nt/configure.bat'
--- a/nt/configure.bat  2012-01-19 07:21:25 +0000
+++ b/nt/configure.bat  2012-05-18 08:21:19 +0000
@@ -725,25 +725,25 @@
 rem   except when there is a preceding digit, when a space is required.
 echo # Start of settings from configure.bat >config.settings
-echo COMPILER=%COMPILER%>>config.settings
-if not "(%mf%)" == "()" echo MCPU_FLAG=%mf%>>config.settings
-if not "(%dbginfo%)" == "()" echo DEBUG_INFO=%dbginfo%>>config.settings
+echo COMPILER=%COMPILER% >>config.settings
+if not "(%mf%)" == "()" echo MCPU_FLAG=%mf% >>config.settings
+if not "(%dbginfo%)" == "()" echo DEBUG_INFO=%dbginfo% >>config.settings
 if (%nodebug%) == (Y) echo NODEBUG=1 >>config.settings
 if (%noopt%) == (Y) echo NOOPT=1 >>config.settings
 if (%enablechecking%) == (Y) echo ENABLECHECKS=1 >>config.settings
 if (%profile%) == (Y) echo PROFILE=1 >>config.settings
 if (%nocygwin%) == (Y) echo NOCYGWIN=1 >>config.settings
-if not "(%prefix%)" == "()" echo INSTALL_DIR=%prefix%>>config.settings
-if not "(%distfiles%)" == "()" echo DIST_FILES=%distfiles%>>config.settings
+if not "(%prefix%)" == "()" echo INSTALL_DIR=%prefix% >>config.settings
+if not "(%distfiles%)" == "()" echo DIST_FILES=%distfiles% >>config.settings
 rem We go thru docflags because usercflags could be "-DFOO=bar" -something
 rem and the if command cannot cope with this
 for %%v in (%usercflags%) do if not (%%v)==() set docflags=Y
-if (%docflags%)==(Y) echo USER_CFLAGS=%usercflags%>>config.settings
-if (%docflags%)==(Y) echo ESC_USER_CFLAGS=%escusercflags%>>config.settings
+if (%docflags%)==(Y) echo USER_CFLAGS=%usercflags% >>config.settings
+if (%docflags%)==(Y) echo ESC_USER_CFLAGS=%escusercflags% >>config.settings
 for %%v in (%userldflags%) do if not (%%v)==() set doldflags=Y
-if (%doldflags%)==(Y) echo USER_LDFLAGS=%userldflags%>>config.settings
+if (%doldflags%)==(Y) echo USER_LDFLAGS=%userldflags% >>config.settings
 for %%v in (%extrauserlibs%) do if not (%%v)==() set doextralibs=Y
-if (%doextralibs%)==(Y) echo USER_LIBS=%extrauserlibs%>>config.settings
+if (%doextralibs%)==(Y) echo USER_LIBS=%extrauserlibs% >>config.settings
 echo # End of settings from configure.bat>>config.settings
 echo. >>config.settings
@@ -752,8 +752,8 @@
 echo /* Start of settings from configure.bat.  */ >>config.tmp
 rem   We write USER_CFLAGS and USER_LDFLAGS starting with a space to simplify
 rem   processing of compiler options in w32.c:get_emacs_configuration_options
-if (%docflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_CFLAGS " %escusercflags%">>config.tmp
-if (%doldflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_LDFLAGS " 
+if (%docflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_CFLAGS " %escusercflags%" >>config.tmp
+if (%doldflags%) == (Y) echo #define USER_LDFLAGS " %escuserldflags%" 
 if (%profile%) == (Y) echo #define PROFILING 1 >>config.tmp
 if not "(%HAVE_PNG%)" == "()" echo #define HAVE_PNG 1 >>config.tmp
 if not "(%HAVE_GNUTLS%)" == "()" echo #define HAVE_GNUTLS 1 >>config.tmp

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