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[Emacs-diffs] trunk r116460: * doc/emacs/killing.texi (CUA Bindings): Do

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] trunk r116460: * doc/emacs/killing.texi (CUA Bindings): Document the new relationship between
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 18:04:23 +0000
User-agent: Bazaar (2.6b2)

revno: 116460
revision-id: address@hidden
parent: address@hidden
committer: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
branch nick: trunk
timestamp: Mon 2014-02-17 13:04:17 -0500
  * doc/emacs/killing.texi (CUA Bindings): Document the new relationship between
  cua-mode and delete-selection mode.
  (CUA Bindings): Mention that rectangle mode can be used on its own.
  * doc/emacs/programs.texi (Matching): Fix typo.
  * doc/lispref/minibuf.texi (Completion Commands): Don't document obsolete
  `common-substring' arg of display-completion-list.
  doc/emacs/ChangeLog            changelog-20091113204419-o5vbwnq5f7feedwu-6227
  etc/NEWS                       news-20100311060928-aoit31wvzf25yr1z-1
=== modified file 'doc/emacs/ChangeLog'
--- a/doc/emacs/ChangeLog       2014-02-14 06:55:59 +0000
+++ b/doc/emacs/ChangeLog       2014-02-17 18:04:17 +0000
@@ -1,3 +1,11 @@
+2014-02-17  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>
+       * programs.texi (Matching): Fix typo.
+       * killing.texi (CUA Bindings): Document the new relationship between
+       cua-mode and delete-selection mode.
+       (CUA Bindings): Mention that rectangle mode can be used on its own.
 2014-02-14  Glenn Morris  <address@hidden>
        * regs.texi (Configuration Registers): Update C-x r f binding.

=== modified file 'doc/emacs/killing.texi'
--- a/doc/emacs/killing.texi    2014-01-29 08:27:55 +0000
+++ b/doc/emacs/killing.texi    2014-02-17 18:04:17 +0000
@@ -866,8 +866,9 @@
 while retaining the other features of CUA mode described below, set
 the variable @code{cua-enable-cua-keys} to @code{nil}.
-  In CUA mode, typed text replaces the active region as in
-Delete-Selection mode (@pxref{Mouse Commands}).
+  CUA mode by default activates Delete-Selection mode (@pxref{Mouse Commands})
+so that typed text replaces the active region.  To use CUA without this
+behavior, set the variable @code{cua-delete-selection} to @code{nil}.
 @cindex rectangle highlighting
   CUA mode provides enhanced rectangle support with visible
@@ -878,6 +879,9 @@
 any direction.  Normal text you type is inserted to the left or right
 of each line in the rectangle (on the same side as the cursor).
+  You can use this rectangle support without activating CUA by calling the
address@hidden command.
   With CUA you can easily copy text and rectangles into and out of
 registers by providing a one-digit numeric prefix to the kill, copy,
 and yank commands, e.g., @kbd{C-1 C-c} copies the region into register

=== modified file 'doc/emacs/programs.texi'
--- a/doc/emacs/programs.texi   2014-02-09 02:08:17 +0000
+++ b/doc/emacs/programs.texi   2014-02-17 18:04:17 +0000
@@ -867,7 +867,7 @@
 automatically open and extra newline after point.
address@hidden, when address@hidden, causes the minor
address@hidden, when address@hidden, causes the minor
 mode to skip whitespace forward before deciding whether to skip over
 the closing delimiter.
 @end itemize

=== modified file 'doc/lispref/minibuf.texi'
--- a/doc/lispref/minibuf.texi  2014-02-17 02:12:50 +0000
+++ b/doc/lispref/minibuf.texi  2014-02-17 18:04:17 +0000
@@ -1142,7 +1142,7 @@
 @end deffn
address@hidden display-completion-list completions &optional common-substring
address@hidden display-completion-list completions
 This function displays @var{completions} to the stream in
 @code{standard-output}, usually a buffer.  (@xref{Read and Print}, for more
 information about streams.)  The argument @var{completions} is normally
@@ -1153,13 +1153,6 @@
 the two strings is the actual completion, the second string serves as
-The argument @var{common-substring} is the prefix that is common to
-all the completions.  With normal Emacs completion, it is usually the
-same as the string that was completed.  @code{display-completion-list}
-uses this to highlight text in the completion list for better visual
-feedback.  This is not needed in the minibuffer; for minibuffer
-completion, you can pass @code{nil}.
 This function is called by @code{minibuffer-completion-help}.  A
 common way to use it is together with
 @code{with-output-to-temp-buffer}, like this:
@@ -1167,8 +1160,7 @@
 (with-output-to-temp-buffer "*Completions*"
-    (all-completions (buffer-string) my-alist)
-    (buffer-string)))
+    (all-completions (buffer-string) my-alist)))
 @end example
 @end defun

=== modified file 'etc/NEWS'
--- a/etc/NEWS  2014-02-17 02:12:50 +0000
+++ b/etc/NEWS  2014-02-17 18:04:17 +0000
@@ -159,6 +159,7 @@
 *** The key `?' now describes prefix bindings, like `C-h'.
 *** The command `describe-function' has been extended for EIEIO.
 Running it on constructors will show a full description of the
 generated class.  For generic functions, it will show all
@@ -244,6 +245,7 @@
 This unfinished feature was introduced by accident in Emacs 23.1;
 simply disabling Transient Mark mode does the same thing.
 ** The default value of `comment-use-global-state' is now t,
 and this variable has been marked obsolete.
@@ -438,6 +440,7 @@
 ** CUA mode
 *** CUA mode now uses `delete-selection-mode' and `shift-select-mode'.
 Hence, you can now enable it independently from those modes, and from
@@ -446,7 +449,9 @@
 *** `cua-highlight-region-shift-only' is now obsolete.
 You can disable `transient-mark-mode' to get the same result.
-*** CUA's rectangles can now be used via `cua-rectangle-mark-mode'.
+*** CUA's rectangles can now be used without CUA by calling the command
 ** CFEngine mode
@@ -482,6 +487,7 @@
 ** Electric Pair mode
 *** New option `electric-pair-preserve-balance', enabled by default.
 If non-nil, pairing/skipping only kicks in when that help the balance
 of parentheses and quotes, i.e. the buffer should end up at least as
@@ -490,21 +496,25 @@
 You can further control this behavior by adjusting the predicates
 stored in `electric-pair-inhibit-predicate' and `electric-pair-skip-self'.
 *** New option `electric-pair-delete-adjacent-pairs', enabled by default.
 In `electric-pair-mode', the commands `backward-delete-char' and
 `backward-delete-char-untabify' are now bound to electric variants
 that delete the closer when invoked between adjacent pairs.
 *** New option `electric-pair-open-newline-between-pairs', enabled by default.
 In `electric-pair-mode', inserting a newline between adjacent pairs
 opens an extra newline after point, which is indented if
 `electric-indent-mode' is also set.
 *** New option `electric-pair-skip-whitespace', enabled by default.
 This controls if skipping over closing delimiters should jump over any
 whitespace slack.  Setting it to `chomp' makes it delete this
 whitespace.  See also the variable `electric-pair-skip-whitespace-chars'.
 *** New variables control the pairing in strings and comments.
 You can customize `electric-pair-text-pairs' and
 `electric-pair-text-syntax-table' to tweak pairing behavior inside

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