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[Emacs-diffs] branch scratch/with-url deleted (was 23a185a)

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: [Emacs-diffs] branch scratch/with-url deleted (was 23a185a)
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 13:09:36 -0400 (EDT)

larsi pushed a change to branch scratch/with-url.

       was  23a185a   Fix typo in last change.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  23a185a   Fix typo in last change.
  discards  58ddde5   Prune the cache faster.
  discards  5b54613   Fix typo in pruning function.
  discards  24f6e46   Refactor the user-agent function for reuse
  discards  2e0a3a6   Make form submission work with with-url
  discards  6ed787f   with-url now uses 'get, not "GET"
  discards  20c089e   Default to no encoding in headers
  discards  5745c3f   Use symbols for the get/post method instead of strings
  discards  386c924   Switch headers to symbols instead of strings
  discards  0013b14   Get relative redirects right
  discards  02136b4   Position cached images correctly in the buffer
  discards  03b56ca   Respect the buffer parameter
  discards  b6d6172   Don't move point around when inserting images
  discards  1c59f8a   Get chunked decoding right
  discards  2415aae   Make reloading work again.
  discards  4fb09fd   Build fix
  discards  f402e35   Heed the Cache-Control header
  discards  3733456   Adapt to the new cache
  discards  bc505fd   Fix up some :wait issues
  discards  3322f8f   Finish implementation of the cache
  discards  e975522   Put the caching functions into the main file and remove 
the -cache file
  discards  e883d38   Scaffolding
  discards  8758501   Remove debugging
  discards  e99f9ed   Signal sentinels on asynch network problems
  discards  76a519e   Fix unsupported type case
  discards  1af8637   Make network errors prettier
  discards  6fac366   Execute the callback when we have a basic network error
  discards  c5a0cb3   Fix compilation warning
  discards  5432611   Fix the previous kludge slightly.
  discards  e28624c   Add a hack until with-url gets a new cache
  discards  f8f3a72   We want a read timeout, not a total timeout, I think
  discards  60c67cf   Implement the data: scheme
  discards  9d2e1e3   Increase timeouts not that progress is more ensured
  discards  be65731   Allow specifying that redirects should not be followed
  discards  724b285   Always kill the buffer, even when ignoring errors
  discards  8ff9bd5   Remove unused parameter
  discards  5bd8812   Make :wait case actually work.
  discards  3ee6d63   Rework for with-url
  discards  dbc317f   Fix syntax error in with-url rework
  discards  495cb41   Handle the case where the peer drops connection with no 
  discards  f74e07b   Get the "peer closes connection first" case right
  discards  e331a03   Remove debugging
  discards  41f9cda   Allow a global debugging switch for easier debugging
  discards  b4ee883   Get the HTML redirect right (for duck duck go).
  discards  94b1d02   Decompress compressed data
  discards  954aecf   Actually send over the HTTP headers
  discards  2ca3815   Convert to with-url
  discards  7355274   Convert to with-url
  discards  1c15988   Fix wrong inputs to certain functions
  discards  9f1dcee   Fetch forms with with-url
  discards  848c59f   Finish implementing the data encoding things (possibly)
  discards  51c9fe3   Convert the simple bits to use with-url
  discards  dc5edd8   Save the TLS status while it still exists
  discards  3a41a3b   Save TLS peer status and other things callers need
  discards  42354bb   Implement ftp: and file:
  discards  688b20a   Use the cache
  discards  bb3aba1   Make the status correct on timeouts and too many redirects
  discards  147f9ee   Rework to use buffer-local header variables instead of 
explicit variables
  discards  4a52c97   Try to avoid negative parameters
  discards  7a9d58b   Compilation fixes
  discards  917d3e7   Start implementation

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