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[Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.08

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.08
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 10:36:54 +0200

Org-mode version 5.08 is available at



- Carsten

Changes in Version 5.08

* Incompatible changes

  - The default for `org-deadline-warning-days' is now 14.

* Details

  - There is now a separate interface for fast and directly
    setting a TODO keyword.  This interface kicks in when you
    have configured keys for TODO keywords like


    C-c C-t still does the cycling thing, you need to use a
    prefix argument to get to the fast interface.  Or configure
    the variable `org-use-fast-todo-selection' to t, then this
    will be the default and the prefix argument will make the
    command fall back to cycling.

    The tag selection no longer does include TODO keywords -
    Leo's arguments have convinced me that this is not a good
    idea.  If you'd like to see the TODO keywords in the tags
    interface anyway, set the variable
    `org-fast-tag-selection-include-todo'.  Thanks to Leo and
    others for input on this issue.

  - New variable `org-edit-timestamp-down-means-later'.  When
    set, `S-down' on a timestamp will change the timestamp to
    later.  Thanks to Raman for this idea.

  - Property names can now contain non-ascii word characters.
    This follows a request from Daniel Clemente.

  - For export, the date that should be given in the exported
    file can now be set to a specific value with a line like

     #+DATE: 15 November 2003

    If you want to use the date/time when the file was created,
    use a format string that will be interpreted by
    `format-time-string', for example:

     #+DATE: %Y/%m/%d %X

  - The default of `org-deadline-warning-days' has changed to 14
    days.  30 was really too much, I suspect most people (me
    included) have changed this.

  - When a deadline has an individual lead time, this lead time
    obviously overrules `org-deadline-warning-days'.  However,
    if you bind `org-deadline-warning-days' to a number <=0, for
    example during a custom agenda command, then the absolute
    value of this number will be enforced also when a different
    lead time has been specified.  This is useful to get a list
    of all deadlines coming up in the next N days.

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