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RE: [Orgmode] resheduling from agenda buffer

From: Egli Christian (KIRO 41)
Subject: RE: [Orgmode] resheduling from agenda buffer
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 17:50:03 +0200

Richard G Riley <address@hidden> writes:

> Bastien <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Richard G Riley <address@hidden> writes:
> >> 2) What is the reason behind having to manually "refresh" after a
> >> reschedule in the agenda buffer, why does it not do it

> > I think the reason is to warn you about the modification without
> > to save it. Actually reschedule often happens more than once before
> > need to save the modified buffers, so it makes sense to only save
> > you're done with all the modification...

I think the reason is the principle of least surprise. If you change the
priority of an item or reschedule it (e.g. to next week) it suddenly
disapears on you if refresh happens automatically. I usually do a
S-right a couple of times to reschedule items. Imagine what I would have
to do if refresh happened automatically. I would reschedule to the next
day then move the cursor to the next day, reschedule again, etc. I much
prefer the current behaviour.

> It doesn't really make sense because as you reschedule its easy to
> forget which ones you already have rescheduled and end up trying to
> reschedule an already rescheduled one. Which is exactly what happened
> me. Like other operations on the agenda it's my (noob) opinion that it
> should refresh immediately or only confusion (as in this case)

I can see your case, but think of the consequences of an immediate
refresh. What happens if you reshedule a task to next week? Where should
point go? To the next task? Should the point stay on the task, i.e. move
to the next week? You open a can of worms. That's why a simple solution
is the best. It doesn't surprise the user.


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