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Re: [Orgmode] displayed-month

From: François Puitg
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] displayed-month
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:01:26 +0200

De Carsten Dominik (29 September, 14:53) :

  > Hi,
  > On Sep 29, 2007, at 11:50, François Puitg wrote:
  > >
  > > Seems I've  discovered a little bug (there's  an  easy workaround, see
  > > below), but I'm not sure it's  org-mode fault: when I  try to insert a
  > > time stamp (with C-c .), I can't select a date as explained in section
  > > 8.2.1 of the manual.  So I  just hit q to quit  the calendar frame and
  > > enter a date by  hand in the minibuffer.   The time stamp is correctly
  > > inserted in my org buffer, but then, as soon as I hit any key, I get a
  > > "Symbol's  value  as variable is void:   displayed-month" error in the
  > > minibuffer (even if I use mouse buttons).
  > What is the setup you are using to get the calendar in a separate
  > frame?

 calendar-and-diary-frame-parameters '((name . "Calendar")
                                       (title . "Calendar")
                                       (height . 40) (width . 78)
                                       (minibuffer . t))
 calendar-setup 'one-frame)

  > Org-mode assumes that it is coming up in the *current* frame.

OK. I didn't know that.

  > Do your really need to press q to get rid of the calendar?  Can't you
  > just type in the minibuffer of the other frame?
  > - Carsten

Indeed.  Actually, after C-c ., the calendar frame  is raised in order
to let me choose a  date.
  Then,  as explained  in  my preceding  post,  if my  setup allows  a
  minibuffer in the calendar frame, everything works according section
  8.2.1 of the manual (except selecting  a date with mouse-1, but it's
  Xemacs21 fault I guess).
  If there's no minibuffer in the calendar frame, I must type the date
  in the minibuffer  of the  other  frame (pressing  q to iconify  the
  calendar frame is just a matter of convenience:  no need to get back
  to the mouse) and then I get  that "displayed-month error" in my org

Again, it's not  really  a  problem: all  I  need  to  get the  proper
behavior is just to allow a minibuffer in the calendar frame.

-- Frnçs

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