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Re: [Orgmode] depending TODOs, scheduling following TODOs automatically

From: Eddward DeVilla
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] depending TODOs, scheduling following TODOs automatically
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 22:35:33 -0500

On 10/8/07, Russell Adams <address@hidden> wrote:
> I love this discussion on properties for dependencies, but does anyone
> have a suggestion on how to visualize it?
> After you setup all these triggers, you still need a central place to
> view the overview and steps involved (I'm thinking project management
> specifically).

I'm not even thinking triggers as much as seeing things marked Blocked
if their dependencies are not met.

> My most common use of org is project management, with one org file per
> project, and there are always distinct phases for primary headers
> (Client, Overview, Inventory, Implementation, Documentation,
> Timecard). Often, the order subitems need to be accomplished in is
> different than the order of the outline.

In projects, my sections are
    - quick info --  a table with things like defect or request
tracking info, start date, estimated time,  date testing begins and
date actually completed.  I may have other simple cut and paste info
there.  This stuff is slowly moving into the PROPERTIES drawer.
    - status log -- a list with entries that begin with an inactive
date and whatever interesting things happened on that day.  A diary of
    - investigating -- a hierarchy of checkbox lists (I use plain list
folding) of questions I need answers to.
    - work -- a hierarchy of checkbox lists of things that actually
need to be done.
    - verification -- a hierarchy of checkbox lists of what needs to
be done to verify that things got done right.  (Testing)

I'm now at the point that I have several such projects in flight that
can block one another.  One thing I think I'm eventually going to have
to do is replace my checkbox lists to todo items lists.  Given that
multiple todo sequences are supported, that is now reasonable.

> Part of the original properties discussion revolved around project
> management, dependencies, DURATION, and the ability to see a timeline
> based on relative duration instead of schedule.
> Would an updated agenda view suffice? Would we need a way to link to
> items and manually maintain order? Will our heros finally subdue the
> evil Dr. Klan? Will the mysterious Gantt chart ever emerge?

    My wild imaginings were that it would develop into something
providing the info for a gantt chart.  More realistically, I was
picturing a generated table of tasks sorted by dependencies, with
estimated start and end dates filled in based on constrains imposed by
dependency ordering, hard deadlines, hard set start dates, etc.
Perhaps you could adjust ordering of task in the table when constrains
allow it and get gripe messages or red flags in impossible situations.
 Perhaps it could color items that make up a critical path.
    It could be an agenda like view with remove editing features and
highlighting effects, but I'm not sure that would be the best or most
flexible design.  Given properties and dynamic blocks, we have tools
to implement something basic outside of org-mode now.  Even a gantt
chart generator.  For me, it's a time thing.  That and my work
situation has changed dramatically and the way I planned work before
does work well in my current situation.


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