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Re: Re: [Orgmode] Question: C-c C-w

From: Giovanni Ridolfi
Subject: Re: Re: [Orgmode] Question: C-c C-w
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 08:00:40 +0100
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On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 10:31:14AM +0100, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> On  8Nov2007, at 12:17 AM, Bastien wrote:
>> Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:
>>> is anyone using the command `C-c C-w' a lot?
>> FWIW, I'm not using it at all, but I always thought I *should* :)


> No, I don't think so, the agenda is better for looking at deadlines.
> This is pretty much obsolete, IMHO.

I agree,  please remove it.
I've just used it in a long file and I find it not immediate to 
read all the file to look for the deadlines. 
Yes, the Agenda is better.


    Giovanni Ridolfi, Chemist

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